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Gender Identity Clinic

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Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm

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Adults (over 18)
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Gender Identity Clinic (GIC) in Sheffield, sometimes called the Porterbrook Clinic, is one of eight gender identity clinics in the UK. They are commissioned by NHS England.

The clinics support people aged 18 or above living in Sheffield and across the country who have concerns about their gender identity. They provide specialist services to transgender and non-binary people and are dedicated to ensuring that their care is sensitive, appropriate and trans-affirmative.

People who attend the service may be seeking a range of assessment, advice and treatment options, including support to socially transition or medical treatment – such as hormone replacement therapy and gender affirming surgery – to alleviate gender identity distress.

It is not possible to self-refer to the GIC, you must be referred by a healthcare provider, typically your GP.

The Gender Identity Clinic sees long and variable waiting times, and further information regarding waiting times is available on their website. They have partnered with Gendered Intelligence, a trans-led charity providing help and support to trans people across the UK to provide support for patients waiting for their first appointment. Gendered Intelligence also have their own entry on this Guide.

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Contact Information

Porterbrook Clinic, Michael Carlisle Centre , 75 Osborne Road, Sheffield, S11 9BF

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