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Combat Stress delivers specialist mental health treatment and support to veterans from every service and every conflict. The charity offers a range of services to help veterans deal with trauma-related mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, anger issues, alcohol and substance misuse and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Their services include:


A 24-hour Helpline offering free, confidential mental health advice to veterans and their families – contact by phone (0800 138 1619), text (07537 404 719) or email (

This is also the best way to access clinical treatment. The advisor will ask you questions about your military service, areas of your life which you need help with, particularly your mental health, but also occupation, physical health, housing and finances or relationships. They can then make a referral if they think Combat Stress can offer you the best support.

Clinical treatment

After you have been referred, you will be asked to attend an assessment with the Combat Stress team. They will design a personal treatment pathway with you. They may also decide they are not the best service to support you. If this is the case, they will support you to access appropriate services.

You can find out more about their treatment programmes and treatment centres on their website.

Substance Misuse

Combat Stress have a specialist substance misuse team who can give you advice on how to get support around substance misuse. Call the helpline on 0800 138 1619 to speak to one of the team.

Peer Support

The Peer Support Service offers veterans a safe and comfortable environment to talk about their experiences with other veterans.

Covid update 14/09/21: Most services continue under covid-safe conditions but may be experiencing changes to how or when they deliver their service. Contact Combat Stress directly for the latest information.

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