Building Bonds Project

  • Abuse & trauma
  • Pregnancy & parenting
  • Refugee & asylum seekers

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Linked to the Sheffield Sling Surgery and Library, The Building Bonds Project is designed to help families and their children to be close, especially in times of crisis, need or trouble.

The project fits and donates slings and carriers to families in health, social or financial difficulties, breaking down the barriers to baby-wearing and making carriers accessible to those who need them most.

The Building Bonds project works with:

  • Organisations that help people who need intensive social support, such as refugees and survivors of trafficking and abuse.
  • Families whose children need prolonged stays in hospital, are unwell and or have life limiting illnesses.
  • Families who have children with additional needs who may find being in a sling incredibly therapeutic.
  • Children in the foster care system, helping to build secure attachments to new caregivers.
  • Parents/caregivers who are experiencing pre-existing or antenatal/postnatal depression, anxiety or PTSD.

Individuals and families can self refer as well as sling librarians and health & social care professionals.

To get in contact with the Building Bonds Project please use the online form on their website.

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The Snug, 71 Leadmill Road, Sheffield , S1 4SE