I need urgent help! What to do in a crisis
I need urgent help! What to do in a crisis

Marriage Care Sheffield

Marriage Care is a national charity with branches throughout the UK. They work to help couples (married or not) to build and sustain strong, fulfilling, healthy relationships, and they provide support in times of relationship difficulty. They have a base in Sheffield.

Marriage Care provides:

  • Relationship counselling both face-to-face and by telephone - they don't charge a fixed fee but ask for a contribution, you will not be turned away because you cannot afford to give very much. You can go on your own or with a partner.
  • Marriage preparation days - there are two courses and a guided questionnaire to choose from.
  • Relationship education resources - you can download these from the website.

There are also specific services for people marrying within the Catholic Church, Interfaith marriages, and marriage within the Traveller community.

Although they have their origins in the Catholic Church, Marriage Care counselling is for anyone who feels they could benefit from dedicated, professional support. They offer support no matter what stage you’re at – whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been together for years, whether you’re thinking of walking away from one relationship or entering into another.

Contact Details

Marriage Care Sheffield Logo

Location: St Wilfrid's Centre

Street: 524 Queen's Road

City: Sheffield

Postcode: S2 4DT

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