I need urgent help! What to do in a crisis
I need urgent help! What to do in a crisis

Just Mediation

Just Mediation are an independent not-for-profit organisation, which works with people at any stage of divorce or separation who are having difficulty coming to an agreement over arrangements for the future. This includes helping couples make decisions concerning their children, finance and property.

Their services include:

  • Family Mediation - helping sort out practical issues resulting from a relationship breakdown
  • Child Contact Centre - a safe and neutral place where children of separated families can spend time with one or both of their parents and sometimes other family members
  • Separated Parents Information Programme - a course designed to provide advice and support, helping parents learn more about the challenges of post-separation parenting, including the effects on children of ongoing conflict, and seeks to enable parents to take steps towards their own solutions.
  • Children and Young People - Child-inclusive mediation provides an opportunity for children to be heard and to talk to someone independently and confidentially. What children feel and say can then be fed back into discussions between their parents.

Contact Details

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Location: Northchurch Business Centre

Street: 84 Queen Street

City: Sheffield

Postcode: S1 2DW

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